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Panoramic Puerto Vallarta Wall Decal!

Add a beautiful view to any room in your home or office with one of our decorative Stickit Graphix Panoramics! Choose from a cityscape view, nature view, mountain view, beach view, animals and more! There's sure to be just the view you need! With a Stickit Graphix Panoramic, you don't have to settle for a dull white office or home wall any longer. Spice things up, and leave behind your other home decor wall decals or wallpaper. Bring a peaceful and serene view to any room in your home with one of Stickit Graphix Panoramics!

Now you can work in your home office and enjoy a view of outside, making your work space so much more exciting than what plain white walls can bring. Panoramics are easier to put up too; just peel it off the sheet and stick it on the wall! You can also move it and reuse it anytime, and your Panoramic won't damage your wall.

Transform your room with Stickit Graphix Panoramics in minutes! Made of durable, highest quality material. Designed for interior only, on clean, dry, flat, smooth wall surfaces. Safe for walls. The special low-tack adhesive does not leave any residue and will not pull off paint so long as the paint is in good condition and is not already peeling. It is also safe to apply your graphic over wall paper provided that the wall paper itself properly adheres to the wall. Size shown in picture is just approximate for illustration, actual graphic may be smaller or larger. Installation Instructions can be found in your package. 60 day warranty if item is defective.
$ 19.99

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